August 14, 2006


Alastor helped us to drive Marthonis from Port Gast.

March 19, 2006


Marali liberation forces led by Evers and Mirith Vanguard were formed on a major scale. Marali was liberated from the domination of the Black Hand. The Twins absconded.

January 20, 2006

People of Port Gast back to their home

Voltan the Guard Captain of Port Gast says; It was abandoned for a long time, now people live here again.

January 19, 2006

Murder of Robertson

Senator Robertson of Andris was killed at Port Gast by Royal Guard of Mirith and those involved.

December 29, 2005

Legion Fighter

Darkstar was witnessed her strange behavior in Mirith cemetery. She crept out of her bed unnoticed, and obsessively craved dead men's pardon. In the crypt, she managed a Black Dragon to kill Red Dragons.

There appeared Legion Fighter clad in Burning Armour. The Legion Fighter proclaimed - I am the Legion and we will burn Oberin. Darkstar was invoked by the words, and gone.

December 24, 2005

Three children of Crausaar

Crausaar knew that his final moment was getting closer. He decided to entrust his three children to reliable humans' care.

  • The Relocation - Arjun
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December 19, 2005

Fate of Lancaster

Zexe and Birek called upon people to strike Lancaster. By the spell of Black Magic that Birek learnt from Beleth, adventurers were teleported into inside the walls of Andris.

They found Lancaster holding Serene who had been abducted by Elefin a short time ago. He seized the Curio that had been kept in Andris, and forced Serene to infuse her energy into the Curio in his hand. Then the power of the Curio was unleashed. He vanished with Serene, and the Ice Fortification was created. Lancaster discarded Andris leaving numerous Lizard Men and Mercenaries prowling inside.

Adventurers chased Lancaster. Outcome of Lancaster's fate was death in his own Ice Fortification. Moribund Serene was transferred to Mirith. And, the Curio was not found.

  • A Great Day - Alimilw
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December 17, 2005

Moon Cycle

[Oberin update] Calender System was implemented.

  • Time
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December 12, 2005

A public letter by Sir Nafets

Senators of Andris and former General of Marali had been evacuated to Mirith. This letter told about a slice of their life in Mirith, Zexe's condition getting better, and Darkstar's serious condition. She had been a patient in a coma, and talked in her delirium. To make matters worse, "Darkstar's hands were covered with huge, black spots." This was a proof that Black Magic had already begun to erode her soul.

December 05, 2005

The deal founded on the sacrifice of Marali

Marali was overwhelmed by the Black Hand. Now Alliance occupied all over Marali. The public of Marali had no other choice but deserted their city.

Elefin became one of the most powerful wizards in Oberin since the Blood Dagger had fallen into her hand. Her enormous power also posed a great threat to the Twins while she led the Black Hand. Rasha and Varsha appeared in front of adventurers who were ravaged by a long battle against Alliance. Rasha said that Elefin was currently a common target between the Twins and Mirith, so...

(Rasha): We know you have that box that is supposed to kill our enemy.
(Rasha): And we know how to bring the enemy to Mirith.
(Rasha): Only...
(Rasha): If we help you, you leave Marali alone.
(Rasha): Do you want our help or do you want to die here?

It was Darkstar who acted as a bridge between the Twins and Mirith. She also urged Mirith to call upon Seth for help. His art was needed with the Golden Box to deactivate the Blood Dagger.

Elefin Came to Mirith. Darkstar succeeded to steal the Blood Dagger from her, however, the cursed power of the dagger made Darkster lose her senses for a moment. She stubbed herself. With Seth's help the dagger was set in the Golden Box from Drakstar's chest, and Elefin was no longer given power from the Blood Dagger. She was killed.

Zexe's soul was releaved out of the Blood Dagger, and he returned to the world. The Golden Box was placed under the custody of Brigobean.

  • The Fifth Day - Arjun
    Original report was here:
  • A curtain falls - REDMAN (Written in Japanese)

December 03, 2005

The first meeting with Crausaar's child

Three rangers encountered a baby forest dragon at the foot of Duldrus mountains. He was one of childlen of Crausaar. While treading cautiously, the baby dragon friendly talked to the rangers in human language...

November 30, 2005

Death of Clara

Lancaster killed Jefferson. Clara had left Andris since her lover's death, and changed sides to Mirith. However, she also was killed by Elefin.

Vision of Aborek, and discovered Golden Box

Adventurers were enveloped in the visions again.

Arlis had been obsessed with Ayara's grudge. He found a small camp having two female travellers near Marali. The two welcomed him kindly, however, this led up to give Ayara a suitable body. Ayara arose. Arlis was now all washed-up for her. She killed him, and got the Golden Box.

There showed up Aborek. He needed the Golden Box, and approached her to form a partnership that would offer her to lead a rising city. Ayara expressed an interest in the offer.

The visions carried adventurers into the ruins. They saw Centaurs dying on their way to the innermost. When they arrived to the portal, the two partners were in the process of creating a Blood Dagger. The portal was created by Aborek himself. He was planning to steal Marali's Moon Curio, and the portal was supposed to lead the two into the Marali vault.

In the course of time, a Holy Dagger set on the Golden Box turned into the Blood Dagger. Ayara picked up the dagger, then stabbed Aborek to death.

After the visions faded away, adventurers found real Golden Box. It was entrusted to the care of Nafets.

November 29, 2005

Portals reactivated

The portals were reactivated by Seth. He donated his producing machine for Pure Crystals to Cecil at Brigobaen.

November 25, 2005

Krysta and Three Children of Merfolk

Krysta the knowledge called on three children the inseparables. Her orb showed a woman, it was Serene...